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 Special Reports

» Participation Works!
By Gail West
In 1993, the ICA published a book, Participation
Works: Business Cases From Around The World, edited by James P. Troxel. This way of operating, new at the time, was having a substantial impact on operational effectiveness and .. more.

» Asia-Pacific ICAs: Communities of Practice
By Kevin Balm
There are more than 125 people directly and actively involved in the work of the nine national ICAs in the Asia-Pacific region. They range from paid staff members to volunteers..more.

» Study on Religious Militancy and Terrorism
By M. Azizur Rahman
Research and advocacy is one of three key areas of ICA Bangladesh’s human development work. Since 2004, some important issues like HIV/AIDS, deforestation, and crime and policing were focused in its research and advocacy programs. Religious militancy and terrorism... more


» Whole Systems approach gets
  communities buzzing

By Bill Staples
One constant about ICA colleagues over the decades has been the fervent belief in the unlimited potential of every human being. The belief was tested and proven in the 5th City neighbourhood project in Chicago where...more

» Save the planet and see the world
By Dharmalingam Vinasithamby
A little town in Tamil Nadu, India, is attracting a new kind of traveller – the volunteer tourist. Instead of lazing on the beach, shopping or touring historical sites, many of the visitors to Auroville...more

» My view of global collaboration
By Teresa Sosa
When I think of “Global Collaboration”, what comes to my mind is a more vigilant awareness of our words, thought patterns and assumptions. While the world is changing, the past remains with us..more

 Technology of Participation
  (ToP) News

» One-week intensive ToP training course
By Jim Campbell
For several years now I have taught a one-week intensive ToP (Technology of Participation) training course at All Hallows College in Dublin, Ireland. During the academic year (September to June), I teach the same ... more

» ToP program for the physically challenged
By Isabel de la Maza
ICA –Chile worked with ICA Guatemala during August 6 to 11 to support an Action Plan for a Colombian project to protect forests on the Corredor Chocó-Darien ... more

» LENS International in   Malaysia and Singapore
By John and Ann Epps
LENS International is a consulting and training company specializing in the Technology of Participation (ToP™) and working with companies to help them get participation, insights and ... more

» ICA best practices in new community
  development curriculum

By Kevin Balm
ICA’s 40 years of experience working with urban and rural communities, community organizations, government agencies and business and corporate groups has resulted in ... more

» Starting up ToP in France
By Lan Huong
“There used to be an ICA in France”, someone told me when I arrived in Paris in 2006. I found no one, or more exactly, I found Teresa Rosa ... more

» Reviving ToP as economy improves
By Gerald Gomani
ICA Zimbabwe was founded in 2000 and since then has provided training in facilitation and community building in Zimbabwe. It envisions maintaining high standards of quality related to ... more

ICA News Bytes - shorter news items
 Cote d ’Ivoire


United Kingdom
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 Focus on Australasia

» Volunteers work miracles in Timor-Leste
By John Telford
On my recent trip to Timor-Leste, I learnt about some inspiring projects enabled by dedicated Australian volunteers, in the same tradition as that embraced by Mike Chapman who spent a couple of years ... more

» Global Studio launches community-driven   projects
By Krishna K. Shrestha and Anna Rubbo

Global Studio is an educational program located at the University of Sydney (with Columbia University and University of Rome) since it began in 2005. It is a teaching and action research project where ... more

» Oombulgurri community dispersed
By John Telford
A new chapter is being written in the troubled journey of the people who have lived most recently in the Oombulgurri settlement on the Forrest River in the East Kimberley region ... more

» Congo canoe challenge
By Lucy Hobgood-Brown
ICAA Sydney members Lucy Hobgood-Brown, Kiran and Robyn Hutchinson are organizing logistics for a January 2012 community development evaluation and planning trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo ... more

» Extending school partnerships
  across Asia

By Robyn Hutchinson
EXPANDING HORIZONS is a partnership between schools in China and Australia. In 2007, the Sydney Region of the NSW Department of Education and Training formed a working party of principals and regional State curriculum officers to ...more

Book Review

» Anastasia
By Vladimir Megré
Reviewed by Wayne Ellsworth
Anastasia is the name of the first of 9 books in the Ringing Cedar Series written by Vladimir Megré. It was the most exciting, relevant and captivating books that I have ever read, and ... more


» A salute to my colleagues in blue
By Joaquina Rodrigez
It was 1984 and I was at the Kemper Building in Chicago, not knowing if I should go back home to Chile. Our office there was closing, as we were reorganizing into Primary Units ... more

» Keeping Quiet
By Pablo Neruda (1904 - 1973)
English version by Alastair Reid
Now we will count to twelve and we will all keep still. For once on the face of the earth let’s not speak in any language, let’s stop for one second, and ... more

» Profound Journey Dialogue

At the 'Winbourne" Retreat and Conference Center, Mulgoa, Western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. A residential weekend program. 6pm Friday Jan 20 to 9:30pm Saturday Jan 21 2012 ... more
» 8th Global Conference announcement
Introducing the 8th Global Conference on Human Development in Kathmandu, Nepal, Oct. 29 to Dec.2nd 2012 ... more

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