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I'm Peter, a member of the editorial team. On its behalf, I am delighted to present to you the December issue of Winds & Waves, our third and last issue for the year. In 2016, we will be entering our sixth year of publication. As a production team we are still evolving and would like to attract new members. You are invited to come forward if you have the skills and the know-how to help create future editions of the magazine and work with us to make it available to an even larger audience.

On this page we highlight the roles that individual team members play and their background. My part is to put together the online version of the magazine that's suitable for reading on smartphones or tablets, a growing segment of our readership. There are three versions of the magazine, a PDF to read on line, a high-resolution PDF for printing,  and the one that I look after, for smartphones and tablets. I'm  also responsible for mailing out the complete magazine to a growing number of recipients and keeping track of that readership.  

I have been with ICAI communications since 2003 when I was asked to build a new website for ICAI. Since then, I have worked with many ICAs to help them with their web sites and any technical problems with their host server. After the ICAI General Assembly in Toronto in 2006, and along with Duncan Holmes and Robyn Hutchinson, I helped to implement a weekly report and news update for circulation between ICAs called Global Buzz. I still look after that, though it's now issued on a monthly basis and is to become part of the present ICAI website, with individual ICA members uploading their own stories. In 2007, ICAI reintroduced a quarterly magazine called Network Exchange which I assembled and published online. That has now been replaced by Winds & Waves. 

The theme of this issue of Winds & Waves is on climate change, something all of us need to be aware of and to be part of the solution. I live in Ottawa, Canada. As of October 19th, Canada has a new government. This government  is committed to working with international partners to reach an ambitious global agreement that is anchored in science and will lead the world towards a low-carbon, climate resilient economy. Canada is also committed to supporting the poorest and most vulnerable countries to adapt to the adverse effects of climate change. It is doing its part to mobilize critical investments that will achieve sustained emissions reductions in developing countries. I am helping to support all of those initiatives.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this December issue and that you will pass it on to your friends and colleagues.

I would like to introduce the entire W&W team:

Africa, Middle East and Europe: Lisa Mutua, Charles Luoga, Voice Vingo, Mane Arratia, Natalia San Juan; Svitlana Salamatova, Martin Gilbraith and Rosemary Cairns.
North and South America: Isabel de la Maza, Peter Ellins, Staci Kentish and Seva Gandhi.
Asia-Pacific: Dharmalingam Vinasithamby, Roma Mehta and Robyn Hutchinson.
ICAI Global Leadership Team: Staci Kentish, Seva Gandhi, Martin Gilbraith and Charles Luoga.

We rely on ICA members and friends to broaden our readership and to contribute stories and news items relevant to sustainable human development. We hope this will continue with increasing passion! We particularly value your letters to the editors, which gives us an idea of the response to the magazine.

We look forward to hearing from you about articles you could contribute, at any time of the year, and in particular for the first 2016 edition in March/April.

Peter Ellins  (

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